How much concrete am I going to need?

Need to know how much concrete youre going to need? We provide these easy-to-use concrete calculator to help you find out how much product youre going to need. Below you will find two calculators. One for concrete slabs and one is for footing calculations. Just simply enter your dimentions and get your answer. Try them out!

concrete slab

Concrete slab, a very common and important structural element, are constructed to provide flat, useful surfaces. It is a horizontal structural component, with top and bottom surfaces parallel or near so. The depth of a concrete slab floor is very small compared to its span. Slabs may be supported on two sides only or have beams on all four sides.

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Footings are an important part of foundation construction. They are typically made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling. Footings are especially important in areas with troublesome soils.